About DDG

Brad Galvin is the owner/artist of DDG. He has painted cars and motorcycles for over 20 years. His passion and drive to create high-quality custom paint is made available to everyone at a reasonable price. He consistantly learns and teaches new painting techniques and keeps himself fresh and ready for any painting or pinstripe challenge.

Brad shop is located in Bloomington Minnesota, but does accept parts shipped from anywhere. He also can appear on site and is willing to fly to any location within the U.S.. Please contact him for more information about painting, training, or events

Web Presence

Many of his works or are are presented on this website. However, you can see much more of Brad's work on YouTube and see his current projects on Facebook.

Training Videos

Brad and his brother Pete are in the works of creating a series of training videos that range from the very basic to more advanced painting and pinstriping techniques. While some course will be free to everyone, more advanced training will be available for a fee.