I perform custom finishes, airbrushing, pin striping, and vinyl cutting services. All work is performed under one roof so quality control is at it's best. I take great pride in my artistic ability. I can take on any project that comes my way including boats, water craft, motorcycles, trucks and cars. I am most known for my custom painting and custom airbrush art, design, and graphics, but I also provide pin striping, sign painting, bodywork, sand blasting, and more.

Custom Paint

For those looking for a personalized and new look with lots of detail, I can create any design from the simple to the complex color patterns. I hand paint all artwork with the aid of an airbrush, paint brush, and pin striping feather.

Airbrush Art

I have been painting with an airbrush for the past 18 years with each year out performing the last. Creating graphics with an air brush offers so much in the way of a developing a unique custom design, pattern, or illustration. Some of my popular requests are in the form of drop shadows, outer glows, and in multiple layers. I specialize in realistic flame painting, skulls, characters, and people.


Pinstriping is a decorative technique that really adds dimension to a design with large open ares, such as on a vehicle, boat, or trailer. If you don't desire a complete repaint of your current vehicle and want to add some flair to your car, truck, or trailer try adding pin stripes.

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering adds style and flair to your cargo trailer, water craft or boat. Vinyl lettering offers a professional look and custom graphics at an affordable price. Signs with block letters to boats with fancy scripts can be cut and installed at a reasonable price. I also offer custom appliqués for your home or business.


I provide personal training for people who want to learn how to perform some of the more advanced airbrushing such as painting realistic flames, skulls and many other special effect. When time permits, I provide personal training upon request. If you are interested in private training in airbrushing, please contact me.

We are in the process of creating training videos; some free, some for a fee. Make sure you come back and check them out as they are added to the library. In the meantime, see my YouTube site to get some ideas of graphic design ideas and painting techniques.